Meet me night

Tonight was ‘Meet the Teacher Night’. Parents and students came to– you guessed it– meet me!

This school is so different. Students are excited to be returning to school. Many of them have been together since Pre-K. They are talkative and energetic, some shied away from me and others ran ahead of their parents to meet me. But the kids weren’t what made tonight different.

When my headmaster came around at the end of the evening, he asked how everything had gone. I told him that I had never met parents like these. I had never met parents that brought bags of supplies, but then offered to bring me more. They offered to help with bulletin boards, celebrations, copying, grading– anything I needed. Then, one of them told me that she and her daughter had been praying for me.

These parents loved me. They loved me and they didn’t even know me.

They weren’t asking me about my experience in education or my curriculum, or trying to make sure I knew how special their child was– they were asking me how I was liking my school, and if I needed help, and how my family was fitting into the family at the school.

I told my headmaster that I was overwhelmed by the love I felt. He smiled. “That’s good to here,” he said as he walked down the hallway. It’s good to feel, I thought.


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