It’s still light out

I came home tonight and crashed on the couch. Literally. Brian made me wake up long enough to pick something from a take-out menu on his phone.

When he woke me up a second time, he was coming in the house with take-out. We watched ‘Good Eats’ while devouring our own. With big fat bellies, we both started to sink into the couch. I insisted we both go upstairs.

I had this great moment tonight. I was in the middle of this tremendous yawn and thinking bed soon. Brian was lightly snoring beside me. I was thinking through the evening tasks when I glanced at the clock. It read 7:30pm.

I laughed aloud.

7:30pm. That’s a dinner time. That’s a date time. That’s not a bed time.

But, the fact is– here we are in bed. Two young married people in bed by 7:30pm. It’s a true story.

I told my mom today on the phone that it’s been wild lately. She laughed when I said that sometimes Brian grabs me while we’re walking past each other to tell me that he loves me and I’m special. Tuesday night at our missional community group it felt strange and exciting to sit next to my husband, since it had been so long since we had done that.

But I’m next to him now. There’s no late project tonight for him. No lesson to prepare for me. Instead, we are in bed together at 7:30, one lightly snoring. And I’m envious of the one lightly snoring, because I’d like to be. And there’s something romantic about snoring next to my husband when it’s still light outside. That, or we’re both so entirely overworked that perspective is skewed. Either way, I’m getting some sleep tonight.

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