Worshipping with our community

Recently I wrote about our community at church, and how much they mean to us. Tonight we went to church and a good number of them were there. It was great to get to see them, worship with them, and catch up.

This group of people is much more to us than just a group of people from a Bible study, they are our family and support system. The last 3 years or so of my time with them has been unbelievable, and the way they have taken Lindsey in as truly one of their own has been amazing to see. These are not just friends, these are our people.

We have a lot of changes in our lives these days. Lindsey is swamped, but happy, with her new job. She’s writing two grades worth of English curriculum and adjusting to a new philosophy of teaching; it’s a tall order I know she will excel at. I’ve received a few new projects at work that are engaging and exciting, but also high-pressure and little room for error.

On top of this Lindsey and I are starting a program at church that we are very excited about. It is the Men’s and Women’s Development Programs and it is a one year intensive theological, community and leadership program. I will most likely be taking credits from this class towards a post-graduate degree and Lindsey will have some really exciting opportunities that we have been praying for.

So, as you can see, our lives are hectic.

For all of these reasons and more we love and value our community so much. It was not much time to see them tonight, but even so, it was great. Humans were not built for a solitary existence, and the love of these people is a great reminder of that. They are great at pointing us to what matters, and we need that. A lot.

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