A joy-filled moment

Today was picture day at school, so they had to cancel Chapel. I had my homeroom in my classroom during the time that would have been Chapel. Since we were missing the opportunity to express our worship through song, I decided to have our own version of Chapel. I turned on some great music, gave them art supplies, and projected their theme verse for the year on the board. I told them to meditate on the words and then express their meaning through creating art. While they worked, I was overcome with emotion, and sat down at my computer to chronicle the moment. This is what I wrote:

Psalm 19:14 is projected on the board. God’s Word is big and bold before my class. “Your grace is enough…” plays in the background. My students are creating art based on the verse. Some quietly mouth the lyrics to the song as they draw and color. And in this moment, I have forgotten my exhaustion, last night’s nightmare, the rough morning, the mistakes I made, the undone tasks. In this moment, I am so completely happy that none of that matters. None of it.

I love my God and I love these students– and those two things no longer must be exclusive. I sing out the lyrics over them, praying that each one of them will come to know their truth. I talk to them about their own art and how God’s Word speaks to them. This job– this exhausting, low-paying, time-consuming job– this job is a blessing. An unbelievable, overwhleming blessing.


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