Barbecue and friends

Today we drove out to Driftwood for Salt Lick barbecue. It’s Lindsey’s favorite BBQ joint, and it’s in my top 5, so we have been looking forward to this all weekend. Lindsey can absolutely demolish a plate of ribs, it’s her favorite thing in the world.

We drove out there with our friends to celebrate the three day weekend and an early birthday. It was a good end to a very relaxing weekend.

In addition to just being a good time, it really reminded me that having a community around you is important. Time spent with friends, talking about the ups and downs of life with them, and simply being part of a loving community is extremely important for our marriage. Honestly, days like this make our marriage stronger, because of the people around us who care about us and invest in our lives. Our friends are invaluable.

So, we’ll share a few pictures with you (click through the jump to see them all) from our day. Note, there are guys in our group, but we were too focused on the all you can eat BBQ to take pictures like the girls.

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