This is going to be a short and simple post, but I want to brag on my wife.

She is an amazing teacher. In the few short weeks she has been in her job she has received fantastic feedback, and she is too humble to brag about it. It’s a good thing I have no problem singing her praises.

Her students love her, she regularly gets emails from parents telling her so. Her colleagues respect her and have been extremely complimentary. Her headmaster has held her up as an exemplary teacher.

But none of them see what I do. Lindsey is fully dedicated to her students. She relentlessly works every day to re-develop the curriculum, create compelling lesson plans  and earnestly seeks to equip her students with the skills they need. She runs on too little sleep, but never second guesses the decision to spend so much time preparing. Her sacrificial dedication to her students moves me, and I admire her so much.

She won’t tell you how awesome she is, but I will. Her students are very, very fortunate.

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