We missed it!

Monday was a special day. It marked something important for us. Monday was September 10th– six months after the day we were married. But we missed it.

We’ve been crazy busy. I guess with the OK trip this past weekend and all the nutty work stuff, it just slipped our minds. But in true female fashion, I will now make sure we mark it 😉 (A girl’s gotta do what she can to sneak in a date night every now and then…)

So, on Saturday, my handsome husband will be taking me to the scene of the crime– to the place he took me the night I got this sparkly ring and he got down on one knee. I’m pretty excited. I love me some sushi and some romance.

Six months. Sigh. We made it half a year. Half a whole year. It feels pretty epic right now. You veterans are laughing, I’m sure, but it’s big for us. Half a whole year!

For half a whole year we’ve lived side by side, day in and day out. We’ve learned each other’s habits and eccentricities. We’ve experienced a myriad of the other’s moods, highs, lows, struggles, and victories. We’ve been to a beach, some hospitals, the Big Apple, parties, dinners, sermons, conferences, and on errands. We both changed jobs. We both made mistakes.

And every day, one of us sits down to write about it.

Thank you for hanging out with us for the first half a whole year. Stick around. I feel like the adventure may only just be beginning…


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