Helping me grow

I looked at Lindsey and followed up with a serious question, “I don’t understand, why would someone have an opinion they don’t think is right? What sense does that make?”

“Honey, that’s not the point. Sometimes you just speak with such certainty about what you believe. Some people are not comfortable with that. It’s not that they don’t think their opinions are right too, it’s just that you speak in a way that gives the impression that you know you’re right.”

“But I mean it, how could I have an opinion I don’t believe in? If you don’t believe its right, its not really your opinion, is it?”

“I love you, but everyone can’t be so certain.”

That is a part of a conversation last night1, and it is a perfect illustration of how my wife helps me grow. I had a conversation with someone earlier in the day that unnerved me a bit, and she was helping me understand it. It’s small display of one of the many ways that Lindsey supports me.

Having a sounding board who knows me so well is unbelievably helpful. Lindsey is excellent at helping me sort out the truth from the other stuff because she knows me so well. I can take something to her, like this, and she can help me see the truth, and often point me towards things I need to fix. She prays with me and holds me accountable. She really is a wonderful partner who helps me grow, and I hope I do the same for her as well.

  1. It’s only a small snippet, and it’s probably not exactly perfect. It’s close enough though. 😉 

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