Looking towards the weekend…

We had a good week. Lindsey had a busy week again, but there were some victories that made it worth it. I had a major deliverable due, as a draft, and I am quite happy with where it is at. A bit of work over the next few days and I’ll be in great shape. So, with that behind us we are looking forward to a good weekend.

It started off today after work with a birthday happy hour with some folks from church, and then a great dinner at an old favorite, Hyde Park Grill. It was really good to spend time with friends and relax. Tomorrow we have the farmer’s market in the morning, Lindsey will get some sisterly-bonding in while I work, and then a six months married celebratory dinner at Uchiko. It will be a sorely needed day of things we love, well, except for my work.

Sunday will be church, and some good alone time. We need this kind of weekend, we really do.

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