An easy dinner

We’ve had mixed results with our plan to eat less processed foods. We really do a good job when we cook at home, not so much away from the house. I thought it would be fun to share the really quick, but very good dinner we had tonight.

We had grilled chicken, lemon sesame glazed kale, and patty pan squash. The chicken was simple, just HEB Natural chicken breasts lightly seasoned with the HEB chicken fajita seasoning (which may be our one somewhat-processed part of the dinner). I know it’s called a fajita seasoning, but we’ve found it’s just a good all-around chicken seasoning. I cooked them on the grill pan and it only takes about 10 minutes on medium to medium-high to cook them perfectly.

Removing the stems, key to a good texture

The greens recipe is one of our favorites and comes from Alton Brown. If you want to try greens but don’t know what to do, or think you won’t like them, try this recipe. It’s olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and pepper combined in a skillet. Cook the greens (we like kale) for 4 minutes, add in sesame seeds and red pepper flakes and cook for one more minute. Serve right away. It si so good, it’s our favorite way to eat greens. Oh, and a tip for greens rookies: most recipes tell you to remove the stems. Do this, but remove almost all of it, cut the leaves in half and remove as much of the stems as you can. This definitely helps with the texture.

Patty pan squash

Finally we bought some good patty pan squash at the farmer’s market yesterday. It’s an interesting squash and I am still learning to cook it, so almost every time it’s an experiment. Tonight I went very simple. A good bit of olive oil in a skillet, along with a small (very small) pat of butter. Once the butter is melted and combined I added salt, pepper, thyme, and allspice (I just guessed on amounts, probably a half tablespoon or so). To this I added the sliced squash and cooked over medium heat for 10-12 minutes. You want them soft, but not mushy. Even slices and a watchful eye help.

Everything in motion…

That’s it, and its a great meal. With prep time it took me maybe 30 minutes, not bad at all for a meal from scratch.

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