I’m not a “technical” person. I’m proficient with basic technologies, and in teacher circles I am much more esteemed than I deserve, but I am truly not a “technical” person.

I am, however, an editor. My husband, the writer, knows this. So, when he has a super important paper for work, no matter how much technical-jargon-gobblety-goop is in there, he still trusts that the editor can edit. She tries.

The truth is, I can edit this stuff. It’s not enjoyable like prose or a short story, but it’s doable. So, on nights like tonight when my husband brings me really important gobblety-goop, I get to work.

I make him sit close to me so I can verify if these crazy word combinations are some form of a technical noun, whether or not that strange noun can be made plural or act on other strange sounding nouns, and if they can do so with inappropriate sounding verbs. Usually, they can. But I enjoy mocking the jargon. I have hand motions and strange intonations for certain terms. It makes the event far more interesting, I assure you.

I also do voices– no matter that there are no characters. Doesn’t stop my head from having strange voices… but no matter. Yes, I do voices while reading the technical mumbo-jumbo. Brian laughs or rolls his eyes. He knows how painful this stuff is to trudge through– he does it for a living.

And tonight, while flailing my arms and doing crazy voices, I somehow managed to both edit a paper and make my husband really happy. It’s like I was created this way or something 😉

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