Lindsey said something really interesting to me tonight. In talking about all of the work assignments, social activities, and new development program homework we have on our plates she said1, “It’s good to need to be disciplined.”

She’s right, we do. I am not a disciplined person by nature. I have always wanted to be that person though, I’ve read the Covey books, Getting Things Done, and lately the Action Method has helped a lot. But really, I’m a go with the flow, take it as it comes person. Lindsey is not wired this way, not at all actually, but it seems that our way of life has been a compromise. It’s not a good one.

So this week, and particularly today, we have focused on getting the right things done in the right way. We prioritize work, homework, time together and time reading the Bible. Then we’ve moved onto friends, then all the other stuff after that. It’s not perfect, and we will fail at this a lot (or at least I will), but I think it’s a healthy thing to focus on.

With a greater workload, we must focus on the really important things. I don’t have a good track record, but my wife does. Hopefully she can teach me a thing or two. 🙂

  1. She said this, or something close. I have been informed by my wife that my skills at remembering exact quotes are a bit off. So… fair warning, she may (fairly) correct me. 

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