Study dates

With our new development courses, we’ve got a lot of studying to do. We’ve studied at home and away from home together. Though I’m not sure it’s the most productive of the two, the studying away from home has been my favorite.

This past weekend, Brian and I went on a study date. (Awww! I know!) We went to Thunderbird Coffee and sat across the table from one another. We each read from our gigantic books while annotating, taking notes, and sipping coffee. It was wonderful!

The only downside (if it even is one!) is that we kept wanting to talk to one another about the reading. This is a good thing– we’re excited about what we’re learning, and it is a great reinforcer to talk about the material. Plus, I just love talking to my husband 🙂

Turns out, we think alike. We both ended up taking pictures of the other while stuyding. Dorky, but true. Brian managed to capture my furrowed brow in his shot– so we may need to include that in a future post 🙂

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