“A verb is a word, it’s an action word. If you do it, you can do it. If you do it, it’s a verb.”

It’s stuck in my head. At home. So, I keep rapping it– over and over.

It’s a silly verb rap I play for my kids. I think it’s hilarious– two awkward white kids rapping about verbs all over a city park. In teacher world– it’s great. It gets the kids up and dancing and then for the rest of the year, whenever I ask what a verb is, they rap out their answer. It’s genius 😉

But, as my dear husband has discovered, these catchy tunes get stuck in my head. Then, he is serenaded by them. Lucky husband. So, Brian googles “verb rap,” and my “verbalicious” friends pop up. He watches.

He hates it.

I don’t know why I was surprised, but I was. I’m entertained by it— amused by it. It helps me in class and my kids like it– we all win! But I guess that in the real world, it’s strange… odd.. and maybe a little lame. So, I ‘m glad that I’m in my world.

I live in a world with laughter and giggles and hugs. I live in a world with grammar and writing and reading. I live in a world where I’ll do whatever it takes to keep a child from tuning me out– including embarassing myself for the sake of a grammar concept. But I also live in a world where I have a captive audience that, for some reason, likes it when I rap. I think Brian doesn’t know what he’s missing 😉

1 thought on “Verbalicious

  1. I think you are right.. Brian needs to tap into his inner rapper. That is awesome that you engage your students to get them connected… awesome idea!

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