Headache. Chills. Body Aches. Yikes!

Yesterday we discovered that though my mind can handle the rigor of the past few weeks, my body can’t. Apparently it needs sleep, rest, and to be treated well or something. Oh, the limitations of this finite body…

We were in the middle of a delightful study date (the one Brian mentioned yesterday), when my head began to twist into a knot right in the middle of my forehead. It hurt. Badly. And I was frozen– freakishly cold and shaky (even for me!), but when I moved to warm myself up, I realized I was achy.

Headache. Chills. Body aches. Yikes!

After about an hour of fighting him, Brian convinced me to get in bed. I was pissed. Seriously. There’s too much to do right now for me to be laying around! I have lesson plans, grading, chores, doctrine reading, flashcards to make– I don’t have time to be sick!

Does my husband listen? No! He literally will not let me do anything but get into bed. I yelled at him from the bed. I was cranky and ungrateful. Then, do you know what he did?! He did the grocery shopping for me and provided a delicious meal in bed. That sorta killed the cranky and ungrateful in me…

So, as the OSU vs. TX game played, I made flashcards from bed (I’m stubborn, but Brian relented because technically I was still resting). Brian stayed with me, determined to keep me in a “restful” state.

But guess who woke up feeling kind of alright today? Yup– that’d be the girl whose husband made her rest and served her hand and foot yesterday.

He’s a pretty good nurse, but he’s a stinkin’ amazing husband 🙂

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