Visually impaired

I have bad eyes. I mean, they’re blue and lovely and all, but without my glasses, I can’t see anything. It’s bad.

I remember when we first noticed something was up with them. I had to get a physical to go to Girl Scout camp. I think I was in the third grade. They doctor told me to read the third line.

“The third line of what?” I asked.

“Of the eye chart.”

“What eye chart?”

No joke. When all you see is white blur at the end of the hallway, it’s bad.

When I walked outside of Sam’s Club with my first pair of overly large, super uncool glasses, the first thing I noticed was that trees had leaves. Who knew?

But now my glasses are a part of life– a part of me. It’s rare that you see me without them. This is why I made Brian come meet me at the eye doctor. If he has to look at my glasses more than I do, he really needs to like them.

When he got there, I had narrowed it down to 15 pairs. Really. I narrowed for quite some time. Brian watched me model all of them repeatedly. He narrowed, then I did. He did, then I did. He even pointed out small details on a couple of pairs that I had not noticed yet but would end up bugging me in some way– he gets me 🙂

Eventually, we ended on the second pair I picked up in my search. I’m excited to pick them up tomorrow. I’ve been in this pair for 6 years– yikes! But I’m even more excited to be married to a man that will drop everything to come help me make a decision about an accessory, a man that notices details, a man that knows my likes and dislikes, and a man that loves me in my dorky glasses.

I need to remember this tomorrow morning when Brian’s alarm is set to go off before mine and I will need to lovingly encourage him to get up… multiple times. Ahh, wedded bliss 🙂

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