Little red cartoon hearts

One of my new favorite people, an incredible woman that I work with, was talking to me about marriage today. She is nearing the 17 year mark and she says that every year around her anniversary, she has a period of reflection. As she told me this, her face broke into a huge smile.

She reminded me that there will be times when I won’t like my husband. There will be times when we won’t get along. There will be times when I wonder if we can really do this. And then she told me that with God, we will always be able to.

It’s not new information– she said that, too– but I always love to hear it.

It’s important for married people to be honest with single people and with the newly married. TV and movies do a poor job of preparing us, and often our friends and family hide the ugly parts of their marriages from view. I knew that this wouldn’t be easy going in, and though I still see little, red cartoon hearts all around my husband’s head, they may not always be there. But both of us still have to be.


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