Takeout Chinese

Tonight, Lindsey and I hosted her Gran and mom at the house for takeout Chinese. A very old-fashioned family dinner, right? šŸ˜‰

Lindsey’s Mom has not seen her new school, and with her Gran in town they thought it was a good time to make the trek up north from Dripping Springs to do so. So they met Lindsey after work, took a short tour and headed over to the house.

Honestly, it was perfect. There is a really goodĀ ChineseĀ place right next to her house, and her Gran loves it. So, we tossed out our ‘cook for guests’ default setting and went with the takeout. Brilliant move, actually.

It was really good to see her family tonight. We are short on time these days, so any way we can fit time in to see family is great. Just to sit around the table, talk, catch up and laugh was a real blessing in the middle of the week.

So now, Lindsey is already asleep and I am about to be. We have almost a full day at ACL, and then two more after that.Ā SomethingĀ tells me we are not catching up on sleep anytime soon.

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