Schedules and consequences

It’s 11:30pm on a work night and I’m still waiting for Brian to get home. We both had our three hour class tonight, but then his group met after. He has another meeting at 6am, so he’ll be a part of my morning tomorrow, which is a rarity.

Schedules have been rough lately. To think about having kids on top of this crazy schedule– well, let’s just say it’s okay that we don’t have them right now. I know I could be asleep, but I want a few moments with my husband. I want to cuddle. Choosing to wait for him also means that I’ve chosen to get five hours of sleep before our serve-a-thon at school tomorrow… so maybe we should see how I feel about this decision after cleaning up parks with kids all day…

But these are the choices we make. I’m choosing husband-time over sleep. I tell my students all that time that there are good consequences and bad consequences. I’m hoping the good outweigh the bad this time around 🙂

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