Our church is doing a series on adoption. Last week’s sermon was all about how God has adopted us,  how we are his children and he is our Father. This week’s was about the call to love the orphan, and how that is true worship.

I kept squeezing Brian’s hand as we listened. The fact is, adoption was on both of our hearts before we met each other. That has been such a blessing– that we’re already on the same page about it. We do want to have a child of our own, but we have a vision of a multi-racial family. God willing, that’s the plan.

It began for me when I was a teenager. At first, in my dreams, my children were multi-colored. Not multi-racial… multi-colored. I had a red baby in my arms, while a yellow one and a blue one ran around. As I got older, the dream became more clear: I had a black baby boy, and an Asian baby girl.

As a missionary in South Africa, I was around black babies all the time, and my heart for them grew and grew. A single girl on the base was even in the adoption process while I was there. A missionary couple on the base had two adopted girls. I was so in love with these children that I would have brought a baby home if it would have made it through customs.

When I met Brian, he had already had visions of an Asian girl in his future. He has a heart for the unwanted girls in those nations. I couldn’t believe that the man I wanted to marry already had a heart for international adoption. God really does have his hand in everything.

The call from our preacher today was to begin to pray about how we will all love the orphan. It’s not an if we should, it’s a how we should. God is clear on that one. There are opportunities, of course, to adopt. There are opportunities to work with adoptive families, with foster kids, and people can give monetarily. I kept wondering what it was like for those who had never considered adoption in the crowd to be hearing this sermon. Does it sound crazy? I feel like I’m already on board– we’re just trying to pay off the wedding and have our first big blow-out fight (only partially kidding) before we try adding a kiddo to the equation.

We stayed after the sermon for the info session on opportunities for how we can begin to love orphans. I know that it can be a really long process, so my thought is to just get our own process started by asking questions and getting information. We also need to begin praying about it– for God to prepare our hearts, our child, and that we will trust him in his timing.

The Story Team that Brian and I are a part of made a video that was shared today. I want to share it with you all as well. Bust out the tissue before watching– it’s a good one. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Jacob Chen – An Adoption Story from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

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