We didn’t have our development classes tonight. Instead, we were encouraged to do something with our neighbors.

Avid readers of this here blog and anyone who has ever heard us talk of our neighborhood know that we have this theory sometimes that we live here alone in our town-home section. No one ever comes out of their homes, with the exception of our gardening, single neighbor. Even when I take Lola outside at night, I don’t see lights on in the homes– it’s truly strange. There is no trick-or-treating here. It’s very quiet on Halloween.

We were invited to go to others’ homes and engage with their neighbors. We talked about it, trying to decide where to go and what would be best. At one point in the conversation, I told Brian that I felt so far away from him right now that I would just rather spend the evening with him. Apparently, he thought this was a great idea. So tonight, we engaged our closest neighbors– each other.

We had a date night. It was wonderful.

We went to a nice restaurant, sat across from each other, and talked about fun things. No work, no school– fun. We reconnected and relaxed. Best decision we’ve made in a long time 🙂

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