Still so smitten

We were each on our own today. Brian stayed home and studied for his theology midterm. I went out to Wimberley to help my parents at Market Days.

I was gone twelve hours. It was a long day. Brian was sleeping when I left home at 7am and the OSU game had just begun when I arrived home. The game is in the fourth. I’ve been cleaning house and B is still watching/yelling at the game. So, no quality time yet today. We’ll have to squeeze in some extra tomorrow 🙂

When I’m away from Brian, like today, I find myself talking about him a lot. I love it. I hope that never stops. I’m so proud of him and so happy to be his wife. Added bonus– he’s my best friend and happens to appear in most of my stories.

Next weekend, we’ll hit the eight month mark. That’s 2/3 of a year. It’s just nice that at the 2/3 a year mark, I’m still so smitten. I knew our evening would be filled with football and yelling (not my favorite things), and yet, I couldn’t wait to get home to this man.

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