Frustrated with the man

He did it again. I was just trying to tell him about my day and he had to butt in and try to fix it! Ugh!!!

I got a tad hostile. “Look,” I said, “I just wanted to tell you about my day.”

“Well, Linz, if you tell me that a friend of ours isn’t doing so well, then we need to talk about what we can do.”

He is so frustrating! Does he think that I am not trying to help our friend?! Does he think I don’t know that?! Arrghhh!

I snapped. He got defensive. Then, I needed to get off the phone. The problem was, we’re apart tonight, so this phone call was “goodnight.”

Silence for a moment. We’re both thinking the same thing– don’t go to bed angry.

The truth is, it’s sweet that Brian wanted to talk through the thing with our friend. He’s a fixer– that’s all he was trying to do. And on my end, I felt like I was being interrrupted and disrespected. I didn’t need to react the way I did. I thought through this. We, then, started over.

We chatted. Things ended well. We said “I love you.” We said goodnight.

I get frustrated with the man. I will probably always get frustrated with the man. But I love the man and the man loves me. I hope we can (more often than not) just take a breath, think things through, and do a little restart… like tonight.

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