“He’s super-nerdy”

“He’s super-nerdy,” my wife said. To one of her students. About me.

Yeah, that bothered me. Because here is the deal, it bothered me because I think I should be classified as a geek, not a nerd, as the Venn diagram below clearly demonstrates:


Now, the fact that I even objected to the name-calling on those grounds actually provides a strong argument to the contrary, as noted by the ever prescient artists at xkcd.com:

Okay, so now that I have played around with graphs enough to satisfy me, there is an important point to make, that is the point that Lindsey was making.

She was talking to one of her female students about boys. It was a perfectly innocent conversation, where she was describing why she loves me so much. In this conversation, one particular attribute led off: “He’s super-nerdy”.

She’s right, I get it. My aunt Lori has always said, “dorks make the best husbands.” Lindsey agrees and I think they are both right. We’re loyal, we don’t stand on much pretense, and we’re really, really thankful to have hot wives.

Seriously. Hot wife -> thankful, geeky husband. It’s practically a natural law.

I’ll let Lindsey explain her thinking on this in full one day, but suffice it to say: if being geeky won me Lindsey, then I have no problem with that label. At all.

2 thoughts on ““He’s super-nerdy”

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