Series of events

It feels like life is just a series of events right now. It feels that way at work, at home, in Women’s Development, and even personally. Here’s what I mean…

At work it was report cards, then parent teacher conferences, followed by our big service day, then Grandparents’ Day. Things were supposed to calm down post-Grandparents’ Day, but now it’s Progress Reports, ASCI Conference, and Task V.

At home, it’s a weekly cycle: conquer the laundry, then the ironing, hit up the kitchen, straighten up, pick one room to do a major clean, then start over.

In Women’s Development right now, it’s the study guide, then the written exam, the retreat, the oral exam, and the Scripture memory exam.

Personally, it’s journal, birthday, weekend with Gran and Mom, Thanksgiving, Vegas.

But I’ve been around long enough (and seen enough movies) to know that life is what happens amidst all of the “events”. Life is what happens in the in-between. What do I do in the in-between? I work towards, schedule, prepare for, talk about, and agonize over the “events”. Not much of a life when you think of it that way.

So, tonight, though we studied in preparation for class and tests and I graded in preparation for Progress Reports, I cooked dinner, Brian and I had a meal together at the kitchen table, we played a word game, and then cuddled on the couch. It was not scheduled, as it was not an “event,” but it was wonderful.

I’m a do-er. It’s who I am. But it causes me to focus on the events and the doing of them. My husband is not an event. Neither is my marriage. And I can’t elevate these events, no matter how important, beneficial, or worthy, above this gift with which God has blessed me.


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