Five days off

Tonight marks the end of five days off of work for Lindsey and me. We had some commitments and stuff to take care of, but for the most part it was five solid days of no work and being with each other. It was a pretty good time.

Sometimes I feel like we only write about a few things on this blog. It almost feels like a rotation. We love each other, we had a good weekend, a small argument, food, more food. Rinse. Repeat. I’d like to get off that cycle, but honestly that is how the first year of marriage has been.

The five days we just shared are, in a way, a microcosm of our first year so far. But when I look at our posts over the last few days, I can see several things that we should look back on and learn from:

  1. Time together matters. In fact, sometimes it matters more than what you do with that time
  2. Marriage changes the way we view our past. It is good to embrace it. It is hard for two to become truly united if each holds fiercely to their own identity
  3. We should be thankful for the hard stuff. It is suffering that makes us grow
  4. A sense of humor is key to getting along. The fact that we both have very dorky senses of humor helps our marriage. We get each other’s jokes and laugh a lot
  5. Finally, and this is not a post from earlier this week, rest and relaxation are hugely important. We both have a really busy week ahead, and the five days of rest were crucial for us.

Everyday we learn something new, and the last couple of days off were no exception. The items listed above are themes that we saw in five days, but really we have seen them for 8 months. I have to say, it has been really cool to learn from our mistakes and from our successes. I can see our marriage evolving every day. It’s pretty exciting.

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