Marriage makes you fat

It’s true. Neither I nor my husband would be designated as “fat” in most circles, but we’re both much larger than we were on the day we said “I do”.

We’ve gone through some different food plans and preferences in our time together. Pre-wedding, I was doing a modified version of the Abs Diet, where I basically cut out whites (rice, bread, sugar), replaced them with whole grains, ate mostly low fat foods, and did so 5-6 times per day. I was successful on this plan, but it is a no-fun plan and on the day I got married, I started having fun again 🙂

On our honeymoon, Brian reread a book he loves about real food, which propelled us into a no processed, eat lots of locally sourced items and tons of veggies mindset. We learned quickly that it is very difficult to cut out processed foods when you have busy schedules. Eating real food takes a lot of planning and preparation.

The other thing is that Brian and I both really love good food. We love interesting flavors, international foods, gourmet items, etc. Alton Brown makes us hungry every time we watch him, and I’m partial to the Pioneer Woman, who regularly pours cream or butter into recipes (so good!). This is the kick we’ve been on lately– the good stuff.

Thus, marriage has made us fat. Ugh. This means we need to make changes, and who has time to do that? But we must. We’re too young to blow up like balloons, and –honest moment– I want to stay hot for my husband!

Since we talk about food a lot on here, I’m sure you’ll hear more on what changes we make… or don’t make… we’ll let you know 😉

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