Apparently we can’t get enough of each other. Apparently 3 days of non-stop togetherness wasn’t enough for these newlyweds. Nope. So today, Brian brought me lunch at school.

It was sad packing my lunch this morning. Since we weren’t here to do the grocery shopping this weekend, we didn’t have any food. I begrudgingly packed a packet of oatmeal… the same oatmeal I had eaten for breakfast. Better than cafeteria food, I thought to myself.

Late morning, it occurred to me that Brian would be coming within a football field of campus soon. Our vet hospital is right next to my school. Bless the Lord! I could get some coffee! I texted B.

But his response was was even better than I’d imagined. Instead of asking what coffee drink I would like, he did one better– he offered to bring me lunch.

So, the day after we return from our romantic weekend, we had a romantic lunch. Oh, those newlyweds… they just can’t get enough of each other 😉

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