Shaking the dust off

As part of the Men’s Development Program that I am in at church I am seeking grad school credits in theology. Tonight I had to finish up and turn in two papers for the coursework. The papers were not long or particularly complicated, but frankly I am out of practice.

I write for work all the time, and write for fun a good bit of the time too. But writing for a grade is different. You are on a deadline, revisions and edits cannot be done ad infinitum and instead of trying to perfect something for distribution you are writing under one persons judgment. It’s a very different game.

That’s why tonight it was great to have Lindsey. I did not utilize her mad grammar or editing skillz though, tonight it was a quick discussion on the validity of my thesis. We chatted for five minutes while she was straightening up downstairs and it was really valuable.

As regular readers know, we are taking the Men’s and Women’s programs together and they cover a lot of the same ground. It has been great to both be growing in our knowledge and love for God. Tonight was a really great reminder for me of how far both of us have come. We had a good conversation, and though it was not long we were on the same page. It was good to have an intellectual partner in the trenches with me.

Again, one more reason that my wife is awesome.

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