I desperately want my house to be decorated for Christmas. Brian and I have planned multiple evenings to be our decorating nights, but time after time, life got in the way.

I have dreams of a beautifully decorated home, warm and inviting. But alas, that is not our reality. Not even close. I want to be in the “Christmas spirit”, but again, have not had time for such things. Life, once again, is in the way.

We’re moving from task to task, from one landmark to another. This weekend, I have a retreat, my memorization test, and an oral exam. Those things are the priority, even though some other things should be on the radar. But it’s one thing at a time right now. One thing at a time. I just really wish Christmas decorations could be the next thing.

On that note, what pearls of wisdom do you married folks have for Christmas decor? Should I pick a theme and make a big shopping trip? Do we just accumulate decor over time? Should I just wait and see what’s leftover on the after-Christmas clearance isle? Also, where do I find one of those “Our First Christmas” ornaments to mark the occasion? Thanks in advance for the advice đŸ˜‰

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