We drove back from Houston today following our friends’ wedding yesterday. It was a slow start to the day so we did not end up having much time when we got back to Austin. We went to church and then over to my friend Eric’s place for a Christmas party.

It was for my Men’s Development group and we had a great time. Eric made a fantastic roast and all sorts of other goodies. We sat around for several hours, talking, laughing and just sharing time together. Lindsey and I had a wonderful time.

There were many great aspects to our evening. We love the people we hung out with. There were some great conversations. The food was really, really good. But at the end of the night I was struck by one thing: hospitality. Eric was a fantastic host, and it was appreciated by everyone in attendance. From the meal, to the setup, to the deserts he did provided a great evening for all of us.

It made me think about Lindsey and me and our the goal we had to have a very hospitable and open home. We did really well with it until the school year and our Development Programs kicked off and our free time shrank. We’ve been pretty poor at it since then.

We talked about this on the drive home and agreed that we needed to change that. It was late so no plans were set, but we’re on the same page. We highly value being hospitable and opening up our home, we’ve just been falling short lately. We’ll have to see what we can do about that in the coming months.

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