Arguing in the parking lot

Tonight we got into a pretty big argument. You could call it a fight if you wanted to, and you might be right. We sat in the parking lot of a Best Buy and let loose after days of frustration. My frustrations were not with Lindsey directly, but hers were most certainly with me.

I will say up front that she was right about the issues, which I won’t cover in detail. I made mistakes, and she was right. But the lesson I took away from tonight’s argument is not just that I had been insensitive and unaware of some things, but rather the effect my behavior can have on my wife.

When I was single I was able to prioritize what I wanted to and procrastinate on anything I wanted to avoid. Sure, it could cause some problems but the consequences only fell on me. I could handle that, and so far in life it never caused me any real problems. But my life changed when I got married and my habits did not. Tonight I saw how much it hurts my wife when I do not live up to what I should.

I was wrong tonight and I apologized to Lindsey. She forgave me and that’s that. However, her point is well-taken and I have something to address. She knows I’m not perfect, but that’s not what she expects. But she still deserves my best.

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