Tonight one of my fears about my dog came true. Lola has an aggression problem with other dogs (and only dogs, she is a sweetheart with people), and we try our best to manage it, but one slip up on my part tonight and we had a problem.

Lola is a rescue dog who has serious abuse in her past. She was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill and has been in rough situations with other dogs since. She is damaged, but we love her.

We are staying at Lindsey’s grandparents house and her aunt and uncle had their dog over here too. We have been good about keeping Lola separated from other dogs this trip because she can be unpredictable, but as I was bringing her in from the backyard I did not make sure that I had a ahold of her before letting her in. She shot straight past me like a shot and went straight for Jake.

Jake is the sweetest old dog you’ve ever seen. He’s big and handsome with a limp due to old age. He is a laid back as you can get and by all accounts has no aggressive tendencies. We are fortunate that is the case.

Lola latched onto Jake’s neck and would not let go. I got there immediately to pull them apart but she was not letting go. All the men jumped in to help, and I hit her several times on the back of the head while Jake howled. We’re lucky he didn’t retaliate. After a few more hard hits I was having no luck and Lindsey’s uncle finally popped her just right on the jaw and she let go. I’m glad he did, not much else would have worked.

Jake was fine, not even any broken skin. Lola was hyped up, but normal again once we got her out of the room.

It was scary. Lindsey couldn’t watch the altercation and had to leave the room. I was terrified that my dog would hurt this sweet old guy. I didn’t think she had this kind of aggression in her to attack with no provocation. We will be calling a dog trainer this week to get this dealt with because I cannot live with the idea that she would hurt another animal.

We’re lucky neither dog was hurt, but I am angry at myself for not seeing this earlier, I am embarrassed that we have not trained her better, and I am worried about her future. We need to handle this.

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