Began the year with a win

IMG_3254[1]Brian and I began 2013 at The Heart of Texas Bowl in the old Cotton Bowl Stadium. My husband is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University and a huge fan of his Cowboys. And though I wore a different shade of orange in college, I make a decent Cowboys fan myself 🙂

We went to the game with some of Brian’s closest friends, Justin and Monica. Justin was the best man at our wedding and he and Brian have a unique relationship. I love these friends and spending the day with them was cold, but great.

The Cowboys creamed Purdue, so we began the year with a win. Then, we drove home to Austin. Well, Brian drove. I napped.

And that’s how 2013 began. Happy New Year and Go Pokes!!!

IMG_3224[1]IMG_3257[1] IMG_3228[1] IMG_3232[1]

Look at my handsome husband and his sexy beard! Woohoo– I’m a blessed woman!

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