End to la la

Tonight was date night– the first one in a long time. And it had an unintentional theme… British Empire šŸ™‚

We had amazing Indian food at The Clay Pit. I love eating there because they serve everything family style and I don’t have to sneak tastes off of Brian’s plate. We then hobbled over to a pub I frequented post college for some beer.

We settled into a comfy booth and began sipping our beverages. It was then that the yawns began. They were vicious and contagious. It wasn’t long before we resigned to making it a one beer night.

At that point that I got a huge surprise– two of my very favorite people from college walked in. (This part of the evening was not British, though quite welcome!) We spent a few moments catching up on the past few years, but then these two tired old married people needed to head home.

On the ride home, we both sang along to one of Brian’s favorite Beatles albums. We then marveled at the mist and fog looming over and ahead of us. Then we were home. Nothing British about home– sad.

It was a sweet night together, and definitely much needed. As I’ve put off thinking about school and work and real life until tomorrow, it was a great end to holiday la la land.

1 thought on “End to la la

  1. Believe it or not. I can remember when we would pull up in the drive way at home, waiting for nannie and pawpaw to come home, we would go to sleep. They would honk the horn when they drove in. I never have been a late nighter.

    Sure did enjoy you all during the holidays. Thanks for getting me set up on the new computer. It is a nice one!! Love you both…Stay well……Gran

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