I was wrong

DowntonAbbeyTonight was the season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey. Lindsey and I were ready and waiting for it and it did not disappoint. Are you surprised I included myself there? Well, you shouldn’t be.

When Lindsey first started watching the show I rolled my eyes a bit. Then, I started joking about it and teasing her. I mean, it’s just a British version of a soap opera. Besides, I reasoned, PBS likes to seem all hoity-toity, even if the appeal is low-brow. I really didn’t give her much room on it.

Then I actually watched an episode.

And I got hooked.


After many apologies Lindsey was relieved and happy to have me watch it with her. And I like it, I really do. Yes, it’s nothing more than a primetime-esque soap opera. No, it does not cover any new ground. Yes, there is a part of us that knows that just because something is said in an English accent it only sounds smarter. Whatever. I’m a fan.

So tonight we sat on the couch, had a couple drinks, and enjoyed the made up world of Downton Abbey. It was good. It was good for us, too.

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