“I don’t want answers”

“I don’t want answers.”

I hear that a lot. From conversations with other guys, I gather most of us hear that a lot.

I have to say, this has been the hardest thing for me in relating to Lindsey so far. When she comes to me stressed, hurting, or with problems I just want to fix it. Sure, part of it is the way I am wired, but more than that I think it’s because I deeply care about her, and want to make things easier for her.

But that is not the way she, or most women, see it. Instead she would rather me simply listen to her talk about it. That’s what she wants and needs, and I have a really hard time doing it.

After thinking about this today, I know I need to serve her in this way. Earlier tonight we had exactly this type of conversation and I did better than I normally do, but not as good as I should. This is something I pray that I can change. Honestly, I think I just need to believe her. She doesn’t need answers, sometimes she just needs me.

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