Procrastination, and its effects

I just finished a book critique for my Men’s Development Program at church. It is due tomorrow, along with another I have yet to complete.

I am a procrastinator. Always have been, and without supernatural intervention, will probably always be. It does not really bother me.

Or, perhaps I should say it didn’t really bother me.

I am learning in many, and some painful, ways that being married means that the consequences of my decisions truly do not affect only me. I know, this is a lesson I should have learned years ago. But I didn’t.

In this case my procrastination has hurt Lindsey by way of omission. Because I have to dedicate most of last night, all of tonight, and a good bit of time tomorrow to finishing up this assignment I have less time for her. That is a bad thing generally, but with her prospects for this week it is a particularly bad time for it.

So, for me this evening is further conviction that I am failing her as a husband in this particular way. My procrastination is selfishness, and it needs to go.

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