It’s been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday

Lindsey was up at 5:20am. I was working by 8am. Directly after work we were at church by 5:30pm. We got home from church at 9:15pm. Lindsey is asleep now, and I have been working since we got home. I still have an hour or two left tonight.

Lindsey was exhausted, she was asleep literally within minutes of getting home. Tomorrow will be no better for us. It’s just been a long 3 days.

Sometimes weeks like this cause us to get on each other’s nerves, harp on the little things, or just be cranky. But that has not been the case this week. We’ve been good about cooperating, about dealing with everything as a team. We’ve been good about finding (a little) time to spend together.

There will be a lot more weeks like this, but honestly if we can handle things as we have done in the last three days, with grace and love, I just can’t see it being all that bad.

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