Tech talk means she loves me

Lindsey asked me today about a project I have a work. I started to explain it, and she was following. I was surprised and encouraged, so I kept going.

You see my wife is a smart woman, in fact she is a very smart woman. But she doesn’t love or really care to understand technology beyond the fact that it’s my job. But tonight she hung with me and asked questions.

The conversation ended with a diagram sketched out on an iPad and a live software demo. I am very excited about this stuff, she loves me and I guess that’s enough to keep her interested.

Honestly, I’m blessed to have a girl like this by my side. She cares about me, and acts like it. I hope she feels the same way about how I treat her.

1 thought on “Tech talk means she loves me

  1. I love this !!! George can talk for hours about his work. I love to listen and ask questions. It’s been that way all our married life. It’s grand.

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