Grade-a-thon and reality check

I’m posting during my lunch break because tonight will be a grade-a-thon. That’s the only thing I fail at epicly as a teacher– grading. I truly dislike it, so I procrastinate and then have to have an entire evening of it to catch up. Such is life.

I’m feeling a lot better today– funny, since today is my doctor’s appointment. But I felt rotten yesterday.

I had to stay home from school last Friday. Brian made me. I was upset about it at the time because I felt like he was ordering me around, but like I mentioned yesterday, I don’t take very good care of myself when I’m ill. Sometimes Brian has to get forceful. (Thank you, sweet husband!)

I realized when I returned to school that Brian was SO right in keeping me at home Friday. I made some major blunders at work last Thursday in the condition I was in– no telling what I may have done Friday. The most major of these was the imagery examples I left for my students. I foud a site with examples of literature that appealed to all five senses and used a lot of poetry. Bingo! I thought, and made copies for the class to read on Friday. The sub left me a note that the reading I left for my students had questionable material in it, so only one class did the activity. That’s ridiculous! I thought.

I checked– she was right. Thank goodness is was WAY over their heads. But I’ve never made a mistake like that with my students before. Turns out, I also left myself two notes that I cannot decipher and entered a bunch of grades in the gradebook and can’t find them now. I was half out of my mind!

This is a good reality check. I can try to trudge through and neglect what my body is telling me, but there are natural consequences. All of my mistakes last week have been remedied… even the an embarrassing conversation with my sub… but it could have been worse.

Don’t tell my husband I said this, but he’s right– I have to take care of my body, and sometimes that means (against everything I want to do) I need to rest.

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