Lazy Saturday

IMG_0856This is not a complicated or long post because, well, it was just wasn’t that kind of day.

We slept in until 10:30. Brilliant.

We had a much later night last night than we normally do, so a bit of sleeping in was called for. After we got up we dragged ourselves through getting ready and left for the afternoon.

We started out with Torchy’s tacos for lunch, it was perfect. It was so perfect in fact that my tacos each had a different kind of fired meat in them. That’s right, I had the Trashy Trailer Park (fried chicken, queso, pico, green peepers, cheese) and the Double Wide (chicken fired steak, queso, bacon, cheese). Yep, not good for me. But oh, so good!

IMG_3527After that we headed downtown for the OSU vs. UT basketball game. It was a win for us, but not a very good game overall. It’s always nice to see OSU play since I don’t get the chance to often. I do sometimes wish that Lindsey was a littler more invested in her alma mater to make the competition fun, but then I think about how that would actually go and I am fine with her apathy. 😛

We came home, spent a little time together, had Asian takeout and then Lindsey left to go hang out with some of her girlfriends, leaving me to an empty house and a little project I wanted to get underway.

All in all, not a bad lazy Saturday.

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