Valentine’s Day

IMG_3569Today Lindsey and I celebrated our second Valentine’s Day together, our first one as a married couple. I woke up to old school valentines cards scattered throughout the house from my wife, and one very sweet card. I sent Lindsey a bouquet of roses and lilies, because she’s just not a big fan of all roses. And this evening, just like we did last year,we had a Valentine’s date that was a bit off the beaten path. We like it that way.

Last year we went to Alamo Drafthouse’s The Princess Bride Quote-a-long and Feast. We’d hoped to make this an annual tradition, but that particular event was not scheduled for this year. After we got over our disappointment, we found the Master Pancake event for Casablanca.

casablanca_posterIf you don’t live in Austin, you may not know what this is, but you should. The idea is based on the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 show where a man and his two robot sidekicks watch an old, bad science fiction movie in full and provide their mocking commentary over the film. You should check it out, I loved that cheesy show.

The Master Pancake guys do the same thing live. They get on stage and do a bit of a pre-show, then sit on the front row with mics and mock the movie and play around with the audience. It’s really funny, and a good time.

So, tonight we laughed at Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Claud Rains and of course Sidney Greenstreet. We laughed at many, many jokes comparing the German officers to the A&M Corps, and had Alamo’s really good pizza and a couple of great beers. It was, for us and for now, the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Lindsey is exhausted, she’s had a terribly long, busy and stressful week. Right no she is sleeping peacefully while I try to finish up this post and then get a little bit of work done. We’re looking forward to the weekend, and hope we get more time to reconnect.

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