Those classy Lundins


Yep. That’s us. At the ballet.

I know what you’re thinking– that’s really classy. And you’re right. But that’s just how we roll 😉


Our wonderful friend, Joseph, plays in the Austin Symphony and got us a deal on tickets, along with several of our friends. It was a great evening– dinner, ballet, and then to the east side of town for drinks and hilarious conversation.

I was reminded if several things tonight, and learned a few new things, too. I was reminded of how amazing and one of a kind my husband is and of how much I love this man. I was reminded that we were created to live in community and it is a beautiful thing.

I learned a couple things from the ballet, too– 1. the ballet can give you nightmares, 2. a ballet once caused a riot, and 3. if your white leotard turns into a black two piece swimsuit, then run! Only bad things will happen. Good thing I don’t wear spandex…

Just another classy night for the Lundins 🙂

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