Jet lag is tough stuff

Well, I’m not sure if it was all jet lag. I’m sure it had a lot to do with that toddler screaming through the entire flight, too. Either way, this room is full of some giggly zombies right now.

My entire missional community is one bunk room at the training center– all 11 of us. It would’ve been tough to be separated at this point. Going through an intense year of the Women’s Development Program and living life together for that time has bonding us uniquely. We’ve been talking about and preparing for London for so long that it is strange to actually be here living out this mission.

Today we had orientation and training. Tomorrow we have church service, and we’ll experience Speaker’s Corner. There, people of many faiths will be sharing/shouting what they believe. My goal is just to have a conversation about my faith with someone of a different faith. After that, we will head over to a church plant to serve there. It’s a big day.

Those of you praying for us, praise God that we all got here safely, and so did everyone’s luggage. Pray that we would bless our hosts and be good stewards of our accommodations. Pray for sweet and plentiful sleep tonight, and that we’d be on London time tomorrow. Pray that we would be bold and courageous tomorrow at Speaker’s Corner. Pray for our continued safety and at we would continue to sacrificially love one another, in spite of close quarters and little alone time.

And now… to sleep 🙂

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