#aclfest- Day Three

Bands: Aaron Ivey Band, The Civil Wars, Lumineers, The Avett Brothers

Food: duck tostada, organic tamales, hibiscus mint popsicle, Hopdoddy (on South Congress for dinner)


#aclfest – Day Two

Bands: Dry the River, Big K.R.I.T., Father John Misty, Michael Kiwanuka, The Punch Brothers, Jack White

Food: Might Cones– chicken and shrimp & avo, Salt Lick sloppy nachos, Cool Haus ice cream cookie sandwich, elk and beehive sausage, truffle macaroni


Workin’ for the weekend

ACL 2011– making our own shade 🙂

This weekend is ACL– Austin City Limits Music Festival. Three cram-packed days of music, crowds, great food, and the best people watching you’ve ever seen. I’ve had my three-day wristband since October of last year. Seriously. I don’t miss this.

At this point in years past, I’ve had my lineup planned for each day. Bands were selected, routes to stages plotted… even potential bathroom breaks were noted. I’d have my day pack sitting out, mostly packed, and sun dresses and good walking shoes would be prepped. For sun, I’d have the sunscreen, umbrella, wet wipes, and water bottles. For rain, I’d have ponchos. I would plan and prepare– ACL is serious fun.

But here I sit two nights before the festival– up late, sleep deprived, and blogging. I’m in the middle of report card week at school, planning for parent teacher conferences, lesson plans, and mountains of grading. I’m behind on my own homework and bible study for the Women’s Development Program. We had a three hour class tonight.

There’s not a planned line-up this year. No day pack prepped, no dresses picked out. No plans. There hasn’t been any time. But I’m SO looking forward to this weekend– in fact, it’s the thing driving me forward right now. If I just power through and keep going, I’ll get there– to a weekend with my husband.

ACL is like a date-weekend. It’s just the two of us, holding hands and wandering through Zilker Park. We do what we want, when we want. It’s amazing.

I’m ready. It’s time to coffee-up, focus, and power through. ACL– here we come!


I told you all about my glasses decision Monday. It’s always a big one. They sit on my face and tend to be noticeable. But my husband was wonderful and helped me decide, and yesterday, I picked up the new pair at lunch.

I didn’t give my students a heads up. I just picked the kiddos up from lunch and took them to recess wearing the new pair. A couple of students noticed and were complimentary. It was sweet.

But the strangest thing is that the majority of students have said, “You got glasses.” To which I respond, “I’ve always had glasses.” At that point they look at me like I’m lying to them.

I don’t get it. They’ve seen me in glasses every day since the beginning of the school year. Why do they think I’ve just started wearing them?

I think we just get used to things, routines, and people. It didn’t necessarily register that Mrs. Lundin wears glasses every day but something did register when a change occurred. It makes me wonder– what things in our marriage have I gotten so used to that details aren’t registering?

I want to be observant. I want to fight for my marriage. I want Brian to know that I pay attention to him and his stories. I want to be engaged. It’s a good check for me. I don’t want him to have to show up with a nose piercing in order for me to notice that he used to have an unpierced nose– you know?

A picture is worth a thousand words

I am sure by now you are sick of hearing how much stuff we have to do, and how tired we are. I mean, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it. But, the reality is that’s all I got tonight. So, I’m appealing to the cheap ploy of a cute pet pic.

This picture of Lola, is a 100% accurate summary of how Lindsey and I both feel: exhausted. Thanks for reading this blog everyday. We really appreciate you all. Good night.

Study dates

With our new development courses, we’ve got a lot of studying to do. We’ve studied at home and away from home together. Though I’m not sure it’s the most productive of the two, the studying away from home has been my favorite.

This past weekend, Brian and I went on a study date. (Awww! I know!) We went to Thunderbird Coffee and sat across the table from one another. We each read from our gigantic books while annotating, taking notes, and sipping coffee. It was wonderful!

The only downside (if it even is one!) is that we kept wanting to talk to one another about the reading. This is a good thing– we’re excited about what we’re learning, and it is a great reinforcer to talk about the material. Plus, I just love talking to my husband 🙂

Turns out, we think alike. We both ended up taking pictures of the other while stuyding. Dorky, but true. Brian managed to capture my furrowed brow in his shot– so we may need to include that in a future post 🙂