Our Story

It was a simple conversation, but truly extraordinary in its own way. In the first few minutes of the very first date, the discussion shifted from everyday small talk to something else… Victor Hugo was mentioned, then Jane Austen, and then finally… Harry Potter. Sigh.

If love is something you fall into– I always thought that was a weird expression– then those topics right there were the crack in the sidewalk that we tripped over. (We couldn’t help it!)

Since that time we have learned a lot.

Brian learned that craft fairs aren’t always terrible. Just mostly.

Lindsey learned what procrastination really looks like. And she really thought she already knew.

Brian learned that Lindsey actually enjoys doing laundry, folding, and ironing– as hard as that is to believe.

Lindsey learned that Brian can dance, when he danced for joy when his Cowboys beat the tar out of OU.

Brian learned that not everyone’s lives revolve around college football. Shocking.

Lindsey learned a lot about politics. Probably too much.

However, the lesson we learned that will serve us best: we are imperfect people, blessed by God’s grace.

From that first date to this one, it’s been just over 8 months. And we have about 3 months until it’s official. We have had a great ride. The ups downs of planning the upcoming wedding have taught us a lot about each other, about love, and certainly about commitment. Families have met, joint holidays observed, and breathtakingly romantic moments have abounded. In that time, we have started to form a new life together and we’ve learned to lean on each other. Most importantly, we have learned that the Lord above will use us for His glory, not ours, and we are learning to love and trust that.

Thank you for joining us in our story.

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