Cedar fever!

It’s that time again– the time that all cedar-sensitive persons in central Texans dread. It’s cedar fever time. UGH!

2011 was the first year it ever affected me, which is crazy because I’ve lived in the area since I was thirteen years old. But apparently, that happens with cedar. I finally realized what all of these people for all of these years had been complaining about. It’s terrible: itchy eyes, constant runny nose, sneezing, headache, sinus issues for weeks!

My husband is also a victim of cedar. He’s been dealing with it since he moved to Austin, and it hits him hard. The cold front last night brought the cedar with it, and thus, my poor husband spent the entire day in bed.

Now, I’ve previously mentioned that Brian is not the best patient, but he was honestly very ill today. I brought him meds and checked in on him every now and then, but this stuff just knocked him out. So… I had a whole, big, quiet house to myself.

We made yesterday our Sabbath, so today, work needed to be done. I cleaned and scrubbed and mopped and organized. I ironed and folded and sorted. I made a PowerPoint lesson and notes for the kiddos. And I read 100 pages in my novel. It was beautiful!

Brian woke up and spent the evening with me. We ordered pizza and watched Downton Abbey. It was delightful. He seems to be feeling somewhat better, but I don’t want him to let his meds lapse. I’m hoping he’s functional for work tomorrow. He’ll be without a nurse 😉


Love soup

I’m an allergy mess right now. I thought I had figured out the right allergy med/decongestant/nasal spray combination to make me functional, and then Friday night happened. Not sure what blew in, but my head, ears, nose– it’s all affected and nothing feels right.

So tonight, after a miserable weekend, Brian made tortilla soup. We devoured it. It was delicious, comforting, and exactly what I needed. I’m also trying some Nyquil in an effort to get a decent night’s sleep.

It probably goes without saying that the sinus headaches and lack of sleep haven’t helped me to be the kindest of wives. I’m snappy and irritable. I’m not proud of it. But my husband has been loving and patient. And since I had that tortilla soup, I’ve felt tons better. I think it was magic… but maybe just love 🙂