Getting things done

Today was a good day for me at work. When I finished up work on Friday I had a long list of things that still had to be done, and as noted yesterday I had a full weekend. I took sometime to organize my work life and tee things up for Monday, and then I took the weekend off until Sunday night.

Last night I sat down and took time to get some work stuff done. Now, I didn’t actually do any tasks, I simply took the time to clean up my inbox, sort through all my action items, and plan today’s approach. This is something I used to regularly do every week, but I’ve been out of that habit for awhile.

So, this morning I was able to hit the ground running. I was able to get several important things done, whittle down my list of tasks, and even handle a curveball or two. But the best part of the day was its effects.

First, I was able to run two small errands that I knew Lindsey cared a lot about getting done. Second, I was able to finish the day with an empty inbox, and a small list of things to finish up this week. And third, all of this allowed me to enjoy dinner with my wife and a little bit of time studying. Finally I get to go to bed early.

Like I said, it was a good day.


It’s really hard to see your wife go through a tough time, especially if you know that it’s a good thing. You might have read about how Lindsey sees these times, but I’ll briefly tell you the way I see it.

We are both very busy. I used to think I was a busy guy, but I have nothing on Lindsey. Between work and the Development Program, and more– she has a lot on her plate.

She’s pretty tired tonight, and she will likely be for the next several days. It’s exhausting watching her be exhausted. I honestly want to see her with more rest and more free time, but she is doing good stuff. It’s a full and busy life, we just need to fight to keep our perspective. We need to make sure that we are doing things for the right reasons.

Easier said than done, but that is what I want to shoot for.

Workin’ for the weekend

ACL 2011– making our own shade 🙂

This weekend is ACL– Austin City Limits Music Festival. Three cram-packed days of music, crowds, great food, and the best people watching you’ve ever seen. I’ve had my three-day wristband since October of last year. Seriously. I don’t miss this.

At this point in years past, I’ve had my lineup planned for each day. Bands were selected, routes to stages plotted… even potential bathroom breaks were noted. I’d have my day pack sitting out, mostly packed, and sun dresses and good walking shoes would be prepped. For sun, I’d have the sunscreen, umbrella, wet wipes, and water bottles. For rain, I’d have ponchos. I would plan and prepare– ACL is serious fun.

But here I sit two nights before the festival– up late, sleep deprived, and blogging. I’m in the middle of report card week at school, planning for parent teacher conferences, lesson plans, and mountains of grading. I’m behind on my own homework and bible study for the Women’s Development Program. We had a three hour class tonight.

There’s not a planned line-up this year. No day pack prepped, no dresses picked out. No plans. There hasn’t been any time. But I’m SO looking forward to this weekend– in fact, it’s the thing driving me forward right now. If I just power through and keep going, I’ll get there– to a weekend with my husband.

ACL is like a date-weekend. It’s just the two of us, holding hands and wandering through Zilker Park. We do what we want, when we want. It’s amazing.

I’m ready. It’s time to coffee-up, focus, and power through. ACL– here we come!