In my wheelhouse

Tonight I got to help Lindsey out in the best way possible, I got to help her tech out her classroom.

One of the best parts of her job is the freedom that she has in her classroom in a private school that she didn’t necessarily have in public schools. We’re playing with some new ways of doing things and I think we have a cool solution for her. Lindsey wanted to use more tech in her classroom, have an easy way to show her students multimedia or internet content, and produce reusable content for her lectures (or whatever you call it in elementary school).

With that in mind, we hooked up an AppleTV unit to her projector and I showed her how to use AirPlay from her iPad and iPhone to share her screen. This will allow her to create presentations at home and show them in the classroom wirelessly. Initially she will be able to do presentations, show pictures, and show video, but we are working on a way for her to annotate text on screen, draw and work with documents. It’s all possible, it’s just a matter of making it easy. 🙂

Honestly, I love doing this kind of thing for her. Slowly but surely I am dragging Lindsey into more tech knowledge than I think she has any desire for, but I hope I’m also helping her out. She seemed pretty excited for this setup, and that certainly makes me happy.

Moving out

Today I helped Lindsey clean out her classroom. Tomorrow is her last day with students and we wanted to get it all taken care of before the very end. It was a fast move, and that made for a good afternoon.

It reminded me of many end of school years as a kid. My mom has taught for almost 40 years and I still remember countless days before and after the school year helping in her classroom. In a way, it’s fun to be able to do the same with my wife now.

On one of our last trips into the room I stopped and snapped the picture above and sent it to my mom. There is something I truly love about there being a new Mrs. Lundin.